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About Us

Good Service is Good Business

WRC Lumber Sales Inc. specializes in Sales and Logistics for Eastern SPF.  We focus on Business development to create and execute strategic growth plans for our partners and specialize in navigating logistics either through rail or truck.

We are a customer service-based company so that from the moment you order to the time of delivery there is peace of mind.

Forest Trees


At WRC Lumber we strive to provide our clients with what they want; when they want it. Quality Canadian Lumber. Competitive Prices. No Hassle!

Beautiful Sunset


To create positive long term social, cultural and economic benefits for our Partners and Customers.

We navigate today's ever changing lumber industry together with our clients to create jobs, opportunities, maximize profits, and conserve our environment - All while maintaining a high standard of quality products and services to help our customers dreams turn into reality.

Beautiful Sunset
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